Retail Operations Manager

Hi! I’m Meg and I’m the Creative Director and CEO at Foliage, LLC.

Nashville Florist Job OpeningBut, if you’re here hopefully you already know that! At East Nashville Flower Shop by Foliage, we create luxury-level floral arrangements for clients in the Greater Metro-Nashville area. My background in design, art & entrepreneurship serve our clients well, but we’re growing and now I need your help! 

So, if we’re gonna work together, here are a few things you should know about me: 

  • I’m a Pisces and enneagram 5w4. Why is this relevant? I’m a big dreamer that needs a team of ready & willing, hard working people to help me make these visions come to life!
  • My business model is pretty straightforward: we find the most unique and exciting floral solutions that speak to us + our clients on an emotional level, + provide excellent client support along the way.
  • Building a vibrant, helpful, and kind team of humans from all walks of life, with all different strengths, values and beliefs is a core value of Foliage. The more diverse we are as humans, the stronger we are as a team!
  • I want our team to enjoy the work!  All of our time is precious. I want to spend mine working on things that I love. I would love for my team to feel the same way.
  • We are opening our first retail Storefront in Nashville this summer. It's gonna be a journey, so you gotta be down for the ride!
  • I love real talk. Clear, consistent communication with my team is very important to me!
  • I need help finding time to focus! I need team members that are ready to take tasks off my plate so I can zone in on the most important parts of growing the business that only I can do.

Sound like you? The Retail Operations Manager role will start at 25 hours a week and scale up as we do. Floral experience not required, but previous experience working with a team is a must! 

The Retail Sales Manager role is a upper management position reporting to the CEO of Foliage, LLC.
Their key responsibilities include: 
(1) leading the retail team to deliver an exceptional florist experience for customers and 
(2) efficiently managing operations to achieve key financial targets. 
This role oversees all aspects of the business’ retail operations with an emphasis on logistics / production management and people management. 

So are there any skills you'd like me to have before starting the position?

Yes, here is a list of skills we'd prefer you to have before joining us:
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Superior customer service skills
  • Strong business sense, including understanding cost drivers, sales targets and KPIs
  • Effective leadership skills and team management skills
  • Understanding the value of streamlined processes, with an eye to continuous improvement and efficiency
  • Confident with forward-planning and scheduling
  • Driver’s License, for occasional flower deliveries and events – we'll provide the vehicle, or you can drive your own car
  • Computer literate
  • Proactive in independent troubleshooting of minor technical issues in store (printer, internet etc.)
  • Google Docs
  • Clickup 
  • Slack
  • Product knowledge (flowers, foliages and plants) is of utmost importance to our business. Ability to learn quickly and study up on product care and seasonal availability is an asset
  • Formal floral design training and certification is not required in this position. We are open to investing in staff training / courses as appropriate. Over time, it would be a benefit for this person to be able to craft basic designs for our retail customers

Okay, Meg. I’m liking what I hear! So what would you need me to do day-to-day?

Excellent question! Some tasks that you can expect with this job are: 

Our Team

Staff Management

  • Exhibit our Company Culture and Values to our team
  • Prepare & manage work schedules for our team within assigned staff budgets
  • Oversee a team of casual staff & employees
  • Provide our team with quick and effective communication as a point person for FAQ's etc.
  • Motivate staff on current sales goals
  • Direct staff and delegate tasks throughout the day to efficiently complete all customer orders and operational tasks e.g. shop open/close, market unpacks, shop merchandising, stocktakes, cleaning, admin, emails, etc.

Our Business

Maximize the use of all resources (staff & product) by consistently following, evolving, and, where necessary, creating new operational processes. 


  • Promote sales at ENFS
  • Maintain minimum waste of product
  • Maximize revenue generated across the retail line of business. This includes:
    • Merchandising fresh product to showcase depth and breadth of product availability, with an eye to minimizing product damage and wastage.
    • Nurturing relationships with existing high-value business customers
    • Optimizing crucial 8-11am ordering window for maximum order intake

Shop Appearance

  • Maintain a clean, tidy, and safe work environment that are up to Foliage Brand Standards

Systems & Processes:

  • Assisting with new product launches
  • Following existing SOP's and creating new ones when necessary
  • Keeping a consistent flow of Daily operations within our SOP structures

Our Customers

Setting and upholding our high standard of outstanding customer service. This includes:
  • Nurturing a culture that goes “above and beyond” to help its customers
  • Ensuring that our ENFS staff provides expert advice to every customer, big or small, with patience and courtesy, and in alignment with our Company Values
  • Personally handling any complaint that cannot be resolved by retail staff

You’re perfect for this job if….

  • You pay attention to the small details.
  • You have great availability.
  • You see the value in providing something of beauty to our customers.
  • You look forward to being pushed and challenged. Joining a growing business is no joke! 
  • You have an interest in floral design and feel comfortable being in a leadership position.
  • If you’ve read this far, on your application, under “name” also tell me your superpower. This is required!
  • You are comfortable being on your feet during your shift, and working with your hands a lot. The job can be quite physical sometimes. 
  • You promise not to ask me questions that can be answered via Google or our Shop Handbook. 
  • You can work autonomously. We love self-sufficiency! 
  • You go the extra mile and are invested. 
  • You’re not looking for something on the way to a more “proper” job. Working for us IS a proper job. 

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