ENFS Shop Assistant

 Hi! I’m Meg and I’m the Creative Director and CEO here at Foliage.

But, if you’re here hopefully you already know that! At East Nashville Flower Shop by Foliage, we create luxury-level floral arrangements for clients in the Greater Metro-Nashville area. My background in design, art & entrepreneurship serve our clients well, but we’re growing and now I need your help! 


So, if we’re gonna work together, here are a few things you should know about me: 

  • I’m a Pisces and enneagram 5w4. Why is this relevant? I’m a big dreamer that needs a team of ready & willing, hard working people to help me make these visions come to life!
  • My business model is pretty straightforward: we find the most unique and exciting floral solutions that speak to us + our clients on an emotional level, + providing excellent client support along the way.
  • Building a vibrant, helpful and kind team of humans from all walks of life, with all different strengths, values and beliefs is a core value of Foliage. The more diverse we are as humans, the stronger we are as a team!
  • I want our team to enjoy the work!  All of our time is precious. I want to spend mine working on things that I love. I would love for my team to feel the same way.
  • We are opening our first Flagship Storefront in Nashville this spring/summer. It's gonna be a journey, so you gotta be down for the ride!
  • I love real talk. Clear, consistent communication with my team is very important to me!
  • I need help finding time to focus! I need team members that are ready to take tasks off my plate so I can zone in on the most important parts of growing the business that only I can do.

Sound like you?

The Shop Assistant role will start at 10 hours a week and scale up as we do. Floral experience not required, but previous experience working with a team is a must! 

Okay, Meg. I’m liking what I hear! So what would you need me to do? 

Excellent question! Some tasks that you can expect with this job are: 

Shop Assistant Position: 

Here are the kind of tasks you can expect to tackle: 

General Shop Duties

  • Daily TLC for our floral stock to make sure they’re as beautiful and healthy as possible
  • Creating pre-designed and custom  arrangements for clients
  • Maintaining our shop so it looks amazing for clients
  • Occasional delivery of floral orders within 10 miles of the shop
  • Occasional trips to the various flower markets & flower farms in the city
  • Work efficiently through our shop workflows along with your team + to our shop standards at the same time 

Brand Representative

  • Connecting with our brand values and projecting them when working with clients
  • Handwriting all cards that go in to our floral orders. We love a detail like this!
  • Wrapping up all our orders to look like a lovely flower present for the recipient
  • Giving all our flower arrangements good TLC so they meet our quality standards

Customer Success!

  • Speaking on the phone with clients to help them find the best floral solution!
  • Helping clients with order inquiries
  • Communicating with clients on their order’s delivery status
  • Photographing orders before they go out the door

Compensation Details: 

  • Shop Assistant Position is for 10 hours per week as an independent contractor for now, with more being added as the business grows
  • You can expect an hourly pay of $15
  • $2 per mile driven for any deliveries made in your own vehicle
  • Any daily tips are calculated and split evenly among everyone that works that day (these are reflected in weekly paychecks, not daily payouts)



You’re perfect for this job if….

  • You pay attention to the small details
  • You have great availability. We are located in East Nashville and open Mon-Sat. 10am-4pm
  • You look forward to being pushed and challenged. Joining a growing business is no joke! 
  • You have interest in being a floral designer and feel comfortable being a part of our team processes.
  • You enjoy driving & have a driver’s license.
  • If you’ve read this far, on your application, under “name” also tell me what your superpower is. This is required!
  • You are comfortable being on your feet during your shift, and working with your hands a lot. The job can be quite physical sometimes. 
  • You promise not to ask me questions that can be answered via Google or our Shop Handbook. 
  • You can work autonomously. We love self-sufficiency! 
  • You go the extra mile and are invested. 
  • You’re not looking for something on the way to a more “proper” job. Working for us IS a proper job. 

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