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Your East Nashville Flower Shop weekly floral subscription will feature the color palette of your choosing. Choose between the following options:

  • Persephone: elegant cream + white neutrals + greens

  • Isis: bold, bright, warm saffrons, magentas, blushes

  • Diana: crisp, cool + refreshing blues, greens and purples

All subscription orders arrive artfully arranged in a stylish glass vase. We'll pick up last delivery's vase when we deliver your current week's flowers. There is no delivery charge for floral subscriptions. 

Will it look exactly like this?

The magic of this experience is that we'll pull together a beautiful arrangement featuring the best blooms Mother Nature has to offer. Our mission to is to bring the joy of flowers to more humans and introduce you to new varieties, interesting colours and beautiful textures to truly surprise and delight.

The florist will use the freshest flowers in your color palette of choice, and create an arrangement reflective of the style and color, using this photo as inspiration for your arrangement.

Deluxe size shown in all photos. Stem count will vary. Only our Weekly option is available in our Charming size.

We can’t wait to bring you stunning flowers each week for your home, office, studio or other space!

East Nashville Flower Shop by Foliage

Weekly Floral Subscription

Weekly Floral Subscription

Color Palette

Flower Substitution Policy

We use the most fresh, seasonal flowers to create each bunch, therefore there is no standard ENFS by Foliage arrangement.  Flowers will vary to the image due to their availability. Flowers we substitute will be of equal or greater value. Since Mother Nature is our ultimate decision maker on what is available to us, we don't offer replacement bouquets due to substitution issues. As all flowers are not always in season, or not in stock, we reserve the right to substitute blooms with a similar “look” and feel without prior consultation.

We make every effort to maintain the "look and feel" of the arrangement by considering the overall shape, size, style, and color combinations. If you require a specific product, please call and check for its availability. We do not guarantee specific blooms. 

In single-variety arrangements, the variety will take precedence over color. For instance, if an order is for yellow daisies, they will substitute another color of daisies, not another yellow flower. White roses and cream roses may be substituted for each other as well as peach roses and pink roses. Purple and pink orchids may need to be substituted for white orchids and visa versa. We cannot guarantee specific flower varieties, but make every effort to provide the freshest and most beautiful option available on the day we make your order

Subscription Delivery Date

Our subscription flowers are always delivered on the Tuesday of each of your subscription cycles. For example, if you choose our weekly option, every Tuesday you'll receive a new bouquet. For Bi-Weekly, we'll deliver every other Tuedsay. If you choose Monthly, you'll recieve a bouquet on the first Tuesday of every month.

Care Instructions

How should I maintain my flowers?

As flowers are perishable, you must water them, otherwise they will not last long. It is the recipient’s responsibility to re-cut and water the arrangement. Upon receipt, cut the stems about 1" with secateurs and put them directly in the water in your vase. Change the water every two days, taking care to cut the stems each time. 

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Your Nashville Florist

Need help choosing a size?

Nashville Florist

Chic Size Details

Chic: Between 8”-10” in diameter depending on the type and size of the flowers, our Petite ENFS by Foliage bouquets are a delicate and discreet size that allows our florist artisans to express our signature style in a petite sized floral display.

Standard Size Details

Standard: Between 10”-15” in diameter depending on the type and size of the flowers, the Standard ENFS by Foliage bouquets are generous and tell a story: the flowers have the space to respond to each other and offer the spectacle of a rich and magical staging.

Deluxe Size Details

Deluxe: Between 15”- 20” in diameter depending on the type and size of the flowers, the Deluxe bouquets from ENFS by Foliage have a rare and truly impressive size. Grandiose and luxurious, their extraordinary volume leaves room for all declarations.

  • Questions

    We make every effort to ensure that you receive excellent service. If, at any time, you experience problems with an order or have questions regarding these policies, please contact us by calling (615)419-2661 or emailing .

  • Our Flower Promise

    Photos are non-contractual. All sales are final.

    As a Nashville Florist, the flowers of our producers vary according to arrivals and seasons in our local area.  The signature of an East Nashville Flower Shop by Foliage bouquet is that no two arrangements are ever the same so each and every bouquet is bespoke and truly unique. The picture shows an example of our bouquet containing seasonal flowers similar in colour, texture and vibrancy.

    For full details on our return policy, click here!